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Physician designed, ergonomically correct, fully adjustable feather pillow designed for side and back sleepers


About the Atlas Pillow

Take the Atlas Pillow
30 day challenge 

Sleep with your Atlas Pillow, adjust it to meet your personalized comfort and support needs. If you don’t experience a more comfortable, improved night sleep, allowing you to wake up feeling better and more rested, simply return it with no questions asked.

Your body craves
a good nights sleep

All Natural

Made with all natural, 100% cotton fabric fill with real down and feathers and NO toxic foam rubber or artificial down that slides around as you sleep


Comfort Zones

Five separate adjustable comfort zones prevent feather shift while you sleep soundly


Fully Adjustable

Included inserts allow for a fully customizable sleep experience where firmness and size can be adjusted to your personal preference


Vertical Sides

Increase support across the whole pillow and hugs the shoulder area for greater comfort


Innovative Design

Designed by Dr. Marshall Dickholtz (an upper cervical specialist) to support the healthy alignment of the head, neck and spine



Helps maintain your spinal alignment and preventing morning neck pain

Customize your Atlas Pillow

Don't let your pillow be a pain in the neck

Make your pillow problems a thing of the past


Gain blissful relief by sleeping with the right pillow

With all the pillow options on the market, the Atlas Pillow is the only ergonomically designed, personally adjustable, feather and down pillow

“The Atlas Pillow is a dream design. Down comfort with orthopedic support it's exactly what every neck and head wants. The nesting comfort of down and orthopedic support that doesn't drift away- ideal support all night long. Thank you Marshall for creating this dream come true!!! My patient's will love this!”

-Dr. Julie Mayer Hunt, DC, DICCP


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