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Two minutes for better sleep

How do you typically sleep?

Back Sleeper

On your back, most people should have 1 to 2 inches between the back of their head and the bed

The center cradle is where your head should be when on your back

If it feels like your head is raised to high, this section can be removed

You can also lower the neck support by removing the inserts.

Side Sleeper

On your side, there will typically be a gap of 6 to 8 inches between your neck and the bed.

On both sides the pillow is the side sleeper section

Removing the side inserts will adjust the height and firmness

Caring for your pillow

Further adjustments

To soften or lower the sides even more, you can reach inside any of the insert openings, grab a handful of fabric and feathers, and pull it outside the central pillow almost like a pocket pulled outside of your pants.

Fluff it up

For best results, fluff your Atlas Pillow daily. Like any feather pillow, this goes a long way to prevent the pillow from becoming misshapen or too flat. Push the pillow’s sides from opposite ends and from the top and bottom, creating room for the feathers to expand.

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