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How the Atlas Pillow works

About Atlas Pillow

The top vertebra in the neck is called the Atlas, which holds up the head and protects the vital nerves that pass through it. As we spend about one third of our life in bed, having a pillow that supports the correct sleeping posture and alignment of the neck can be vital to the night time healing and repair cycle.


After being personally dissatisfied for decades, having tried almost every pillow out there to meet my own needs as well as the needs of my patients, the result was The Atlas Pillow. My goal was to design a pillow that provided and maintained proper support and comfort. It is important that it could be individually customizable to fit almost any body shape or size.  Since feathers and many other pillow fills shift while you sleep its deign would prevent that and with five smaller pillow inserts, everyone can set the firmness, comfort and size to what feels best for them in order to get a restful night's sleep.


I also appreciate using products that are made with quality materials and have been thoughtfully produced, one of the foundational standards of the Atlas Pillow.


The Atlas Pillow is designed to take care of you, so you could be your best.

Why is sleep important?

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